Wild Fire

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System - Forest Fire Perimeters, 1980 - 2019

Where do wild fires occur most often?


Wild Fires Australia - January 1, 2020

Ferocious Fires in Australia Intensify (NASA image.  January 01, 2020)


Fire scars on a tree cookie.  Dendrochronology is the technique used to assign dates for when these fires occurred.   This tree lived from 1797 to 1989 and has scars from surviving multiple fires between 1831 and 1910.  (Photo by C. Naficy.)


Water Bomber Drop on Fire

Water bomber fighting a wildfire

On time delivery – as required.


Young Men and Fire (Norman Mclean, 1992)

‘Dodge testifies that this was the first time he had tried to communicate with his men since rejoining them at the head of the gulch, and he is reported as saying—for the second time—something about “getting out of this death trap.”  When asked by the Board of Review if he had explained to the men the danger they were in, he looked at the Board in amazement, as if the Board had never been outside the city limits and wouldn’t know sawdust if they saw it in a pile.  It was getting late for talk anyway. What could anybody hear? It roared from behind, below, and across, and the crew, inside it, was shut out from all but a small piece of the outside world.’ 

‘Navon had already left the line and on his own was angling for the top. Having been at Bastogne, he thought he had come to know the deepest of secrets—how death can be avoided—and, as if he did, he had put away his camera. But if he really knew at that moment how death could be avoided, he would have had to know the answers to two questions: How could fires be burning in all directions and be burning right at you? And how could those invisible and present only by a roar all be roaring at you?’


Saskatoon Temperature - May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021.  Saskatoon.  32.5C in the shade outside my window today.  Previous record temperature for May 17 in Saskatoon was 30.6C, in 1901.  Drought conditions are forecast within 14 days at this rate.  The federal government branch (PFRA) established in 1935 to mitigate drought and its effects in this region was dissolved in 2009, along with a number of other environmental science programs.  All the hard won knowledge, experience, and wisdom of generations was just swept away.  Who would do such a thing – and why?  Are they merely fools, or are they intent criminals?  And how must we now adapt to survive this hard reality?


When the world is burning, is art a waste of time? | R. Alan Brooks

We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel)

Beds are Burning (Midnight Oil)

Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen)