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December 9, 2008


T. Damian Boyle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Seeking opportunities:  locally and globally.

EduNorth is my database and portfolio collection.

 Let’s talk about possibilities.

My interests include:  Workforce Training & Development, Organizational Learning & Development, Occupational Health & Safety, Team Building, Problem Solving, Learning Facilitation, Peer Learning, Instructional Design, Learning Technologies, Performance Improvement, and Career & Personal Development.  

Examples of projects that I’d especially like to be involved with include:

  • Generic Train-the-Trainer Course Development
  • Plain Language Standards Implementation
  • Occupational Health Committee Training Course Development
  • Bicycles as Trades Skills Training Projects in  K-12 Schools

I am very interested in learning how to facilitate learning more efficiently.  I believe that the average person can learn to do almost any task competently and efficiently, and that their learning process can be accelerated through competent training, instruction, and guidance.  It is my contention that any person of overall average skills and abilities can become a competent trainer, instructor and guide in relatively little time – with an attitude that pursues excellence in this effort. 

I see the Smartphone as a piece of communications and learning technology that is leading to a wholesale revolution in the approach to providing learning facilitation services.  I expect to see a significant shift away from attendance at fixed locations at set hours throughout the day, month, and year, for all age groups.  At the same time, I expect to see Smart Phone & Smart Radio technology adopted in the workplace to maximize production efficiencies and to minimize harms to workers, the public, and the environment.  

EduNorth is my learning resources database.  Please browse around.

OHS Committee is my effort to contribute to the development of Occupational Health & Safety generally.  Please make use of it, and share the link.

Check out my example of a Language Neutral Instructional Video:  Tire Change Machine Operation & Hazards.  Note the notes.

I invite you to participate in the UNESCO UNEVOC e-Forum on Technical & Vocational Education & Training  My posts there may be reviewed.

I like Surveys, and observe that they are underutilized in the workplace.

Papers are posted on Academia.edu.

I also post on LinkedIn.



t.damianboyle  at  hotmail.com