AIM QI/Facilitation Tools

Art of Focused Conversation

Associated Non-Technical Skills:  Facilitators Resource (NSW, 2014)  Uses the Westray Coal Mine as a Case Study.

Basic Counselling Skills (FHI 360, 2006)

Brainstorming: Basic to Brilliant, Simple to Sophisticated (Tague)

Collaboration:  Instructional Manual (SJI, 2005)

Completion by Design Facilitator’s Handbook

Conflict Resolution and Group Dynamics

Consideration of Others:  Facilitator’s Guide (CO2, 2 Day Seminar)                                     See also:  Consideration of Others Handbook:  A Commander’s Guide (USDOA)

Creative Problem Solving Workbook (Optimist International, 1994)

Creativity Today (Leonardo NEXT Project, 2011)

Effective Facilitation (FSB Facilitators Training Program)

Effective Meetings – Part 2 – Facilitation Skills                                                                             See also:  Effective Meetings – Part 1 – The Fundamentals

Effective Project Teams: Management Tools & Techniques (Russell, 2007)

Effective Use of Group Work (BCIT, 2010)

Facilitating Discourse in the Physics Classroom (Schmitt & Lattery, c. 2004)

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Training:  Team Development (NOAA)

Gaining Traction on Mars Facilitation Guide (NASA, 2014)

Guidelines for Conducting a Focus Group (Elliot & Associates, 2005)

Presentation Tips & Maintaining Audience Interest

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Problem Solving and Decision Making in Groups

Process Consultant for Continuous Improvement (Davies, 2004)

Proclaiming Your Dream: Developing Vision and Mission Statements

Quality Improvement Guide (Ontario, 2012)

Quality Improvement Resources & Tools (MDH)

Quality Tools



Root Cause Analysis:  A Brief Overview of Methods

RYLA Facilitator Manual (2014)

School Improvement Planning:  Root Cause Analysis (CCSD, 2012)

Structured Analytic Techniques for Improving Intelligence Analysis (USA, 2009)

Team Building Module Facilitator’s Guide (John Snow, 2012)

We Really Need to Talk About the Way We Manage Projects (APM)

What is Consensus‐Building and Why is It Important… (Bingham)

Workshops Toolkit