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B.C. heat wave shatters Canadian record for highest temperature ever recorded    Lytton’s official high temperature today June 27, 2021 is 46.6 C. Lytton BC now holds the record for Canada’s all time maximum high. The previous record was 45.0 C set on July 5, 1937 at Yellow Grass, and Midale, SK.


Rare ice data collected by early ‘citizen scientists’ confirms warming   …the study found that from 1443 to 1683, Lake Suwa’s [Japan] annual freeze date was moving almost imperceptibly to later in the year — at a rate of 0.19 days per decade. From the start of the Industrial Revolution, however, that trend grew 24 times faster, pushing the lake’s “ice on” date back 4.6 days per decade.


Weather, Climate, & Atmospheric Pollution

Weather observing is an excellent science activity for learning about the world around us.  It also leads to greater awareness and understanding of the world much farther away.  Even young children can enjoy this activity. 

The tools and methods used are simple enough that almost anyone can use them.  A number of the tools can easily be made at home.  The records produced can be valuable for weather research today as well as in the future.

An Atlas contains a wealth of information about climates around the world.  A close examination of maps of physical features and air flows will reveal why regions have varying types of climates.   Analyzing and interpreting geographical information in this way is a good exercise for developing reasoning skills.

We are all affected by the weather, every day.  We all talk about the weather, every day.

What do we really understand about the weather, today?


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