Self Talk

We learn by first absorbing information through our senses.  The more senses that are involved, and the more intensely they are stimulated, the quicker we learn and the longer we remember.  The more often we go through an experience, the faster we learn and the longer we remember. 

When we are trying to learn something out of a book, we can improve our speed of learning and the length of our remembering by: 

  • Underlining key points.  (Kinesthetic)
  • Writing out summaries of ideas.  (Kinesthetic)
  • Drawing pictures.  (Kinesthetic, Visual)
  • Making models.  (Kinesthetic, Visual)
  • Saying the words aloud.  (Kinesthetic, Auditory) 

We can apply the same methods to learning new ways of thinking and behaving.  However, changing old ways of thinking and behaving can be difficult because of the emotions involved. 

We remember well those things that involve physical and emotional pain, such as:  being told we are stupid, ugly, worthless and unwanted, or being rejected, spit upon, and beaten.  Once we believe these kinds of put-down messages, we may repeat them to ourselves. 

Do any of these statements sound familiar? 

  • You can’t do anything right.
  • You are so stupid.
  • You are such a screw up.
  • You are such a loser.
  • I hate you.
  • I wish you were dead. 

Those hearing and repeating such messages may become depressed. 

To learn how to change your thoughts and behaviours, get involved with positive people.  They will give you new messages to believe, and show you better ways of living.  You can become a positive person by following their examples. 

For assistance with learning about any aspect of self development, stop by for a chat or give me a call. 

In the meantime, check out some of the resources posted under Health and Safety, and under Support Groups.   

Be well.



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