Customer Service


Delivery to the house in under 30 minutes?  


Who are your Customers, and what are their expectations?

Customer Service is all about listening carefully to your Customer, ensuring that you understand exactly what it is that they want, and then communicating exactly that information to everyone involved in the Service Delivery. 

However, what actually happens sometimes looks like this:

What the Customer Described vs. What the Engineer Designed

When your Customer has received exactly what they requested, to the satisfaction of their expectations, you will be praised for having provided “Excellent Customer Service.”

To craft a mission statement for Excellent Customer Service, consider these examples and resources:


Letter to Lowes Hardware Regarding Customer Service

I received excellent customer service from Mehmet at your Saskatoon West store the other day.

Mehmet was courteous, attentive, helpful, thorough, knowledgeable, and proficient with the technology he works with in the process of providing customer service.

I purchased an LG fridge and stove through Mehmet. I visited a number of vendors in the process of selecting these kitchen appliances, and Mehmet is the person I would point to as the best exemplar of customer service in this regard.

From my observations of him, I believe that any organization would be very pleased to have Mehmet on board as a worker and representative.

I believe that Lowes should thank Mehmet directly and meaningfully for his very fine service.

Retaining Mehmet through a reward would cost little, but replacing him would be difficult to do.

“Thank you, Mehmet!”


How may I be of service to you, today?