3.8 Million Year Old Skull, with Facial Reconstruction


Who were the first people to be born at this place, and how certain are you of that?

Is a wolf a person, and how do you know that?


Elder Interview Task

Five Dollar Bank Note Design Task

Native Signs Symbols Icons Totems Markings in NA Task


Course Outlines Fall 2019

Native Studies 30 Course Outline 2019 Fall

NS30 Final Exam Preparation Guide

Essay Writing Under Pressure Strategy

NS30 Study Share for 11 Councillors


Native Studies Research Outline for Database Building (Guide) 

Letter of Request to a Wise Person (Template & Links)

Native Studies 30 Treaties Short Essay 1

Native Studies 30 Governance Short Essay 2

Native Studies 30 Governance Test Prep Task

Natural Resources Transfer Agreements Talking Points Task

NS30 Economic Development Statistics Charts & Graphs Task

Native Studies 30 Personal Project Content Guidelines

NS30 Document Summary Statements Task MMIWG

Jordan’s Principle Poster Task

First Nations Regional Health Survey Position Statements Task

Personal Project Collation Task



Neanderthal DNA in Modern Human Genomes Is Not Silent   …   “Neanderthals had been living in Eurasia for more than 300 millennia when some human ancestors left Africa some 60,000–70,000 years ago, and according to the 2010 publication, in which researchers compared the Neanderthal draft genome with modern human sequences, about 2 percent of the DNA in the genomes of modern-day people with non-African ancestry is Neanderthal in origin.1”

A Global Snapshot of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ Health (2016) 

A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas (2017)

Aboriginal History Journal (Australian National University) 

Aboriginal People:  A History of Discriminatory Laws (Canada, 1991)

After 184 years, Cherokees seek House delegate seat promised in treaty

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research (2016)

Applying the First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning Model to the Study of Crime 

Assembly of First Nations is out of touch and needs an overhaul

BCAFN Governance Toolkit: A Guide to Nation Building (2016)

Brief History of First Nations Voting Rights

Budget 2019, Chapter 3 – Advancing Reconciliation 

Canada officially adopts UN declaration on rights of Indigenous Peoples (2016)

Canada police prepared to shoot Indigenous activists

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Canadian Yearbook of Human Rights (CYHR)

CFLA-FCAB Truth & Reconciliation Committee Report & Recommendations (2017)

Child Welfare Problems & Solutions Essay Task

Cree Trapper Makes the Case for Indigenous Justice in Canada

Defining Aboriginal Peoples Within Canada (NAHO, JAH, IJIH)

English First Peoples 10, 11, and 12 Teacher Resource Guide (FNESC, 2018) 

First Peoples of Canada (Canadian Museum of History)

Frank Paul Death and Commission of Public Inquiry (Turtle Island Native Network)

Great Plains Indian Wars Essay Task

Guide for Lawyers Working with Indigenous Peoples (2018)

Haudenosaunee Guide (National Museum of the American Indian)

Health Sciences cultural safety education …  a literature review (2018)

How Canadian Govern Themselves (Eugene A. Forsey, 9th edition, 2016)

How do the main parties compare on these issues

Human Rights Watch World Report:  Canada, 2018

Indians & Anthropologists (Berkeley Anarchist Study Group)

Indigenization Strategy of Assiniboine Community College for 2016 – 2026

Indigenous Cultures and Globalization (2018)

Indigenous Economic Progress Report (NIEDB, 2019)

Languages of North America Map & Notes

Law of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas

Indigenous Fisheries and Food Security: Norway House Cree Nation, Manitoba, Canada 

Indigenous Hunting Rights and the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement

Indigenous Issues 101

Indigenous Knowledge and Maple Syrup: A Case Study… (Moody, 2015) 

Indigenous Knowledge as 21st Century Education (2017)

Indigenous Languages Recognition, Preservation and Revitalization (2016)

Indigenous People’s Rights in International Law (IWGIA, 2015)

Indigenous Religious Traditions of the World (Robin M. Wright)  

Indigenous Water Rights Annotated Bibliography

Indigenous World 2018 (IWGIA)

In Search of Indigenous Educational Sovereignty (Laura Forsythe, 2018)

Inuit Myth and Legend (Canadian Encyclopedia, 2015)

Inuit Plant Use in the Eastern Sub-Arctic (Cuerrier, Clark, & Norton, 2019)

Knowing Home: Braiding Indigenous Science with Western Science (2016)

Mapping the Legal Consciousness of First Nations Voters

Maps, Mapmaking, and Map Use by Native North Americans (G. Malcolm Lewis)

Mesoamerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry

Mi’kmaq People of the Dawn Learning Tasks

Mound Building Cultures

National Indigenous Economic Development Board

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (2019)

National Parliaments Comparison (Law Library of Congress, US, 2016)

National Report of the First Nations Regional Health Survey (FNIGC, 2018)

Native American Religious Beliefs and Practices (Robin M. Wright)

Native Drums

No Common Ground: Competing Worldviews at Mato Tipila (Felese, 2018)  

North American Indian (Volume 1) (Edward S. Curtis, 1907)

Northern Environmental Justice: A Case Study … British Columbia, Canada (2017) 

NRTA & Indigenous Hunting Rights

Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa

Pan Inuit Trails Atlas

Pulling Together: A Guide for Curriculum Developers (2019)

Recommendations on Northern Infrastructure to Support Economic Development

Representation of Indigenous health knowledges … (Boot, 2016) 

Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation vote-buying report handed over to feds

Socio-economic Gaps on First Nations Reserves (Auditor General of Canada, 2018)

Smudging is not religious says tribal leader as trial continues in B.C.

Speech Excerpts Native Leaders US History

STEAMM+D and indigenous knowledge (Diamond, 2019) 

Strengthening the Availability of First Nations Data (Trevethan, 2019)

Sun Dance

Sustainable Use and Management of Indigenous Plant Resources (South Africa, 2016) 

Tattoos of the Hunter-Gatherers of the Arctic (Lars Krutak)

Tattoos of the Hunter-Gatherers of the Arctic (Lars Krutak, 2000)  Hardcopy layout.

They Hid Him from Residential School, He Grew to Be Chief

Totem and Attitude

Towards a Pan-Territorial Growth Strategy (CNEDA, 2019)

Trade Among Tribes

Traditional & Customary Body Markings (& Quiz Tasks)

Traditional Medicinal Plant Uses by Native Peoples of North America Essay Task

Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples (1991)


Treaties, Agreements and Negotiations (Canada, 2018)

Treaties Land Areas Canada 1763 – 2005 Map

Two Traps Where Woolly Mammoths Were Driven to Their Deaths Found in Mexico

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)

Why has Navajo Nation been hit so hard by the coronavirus?

Wood Mountain Land Settlement & Sitting Bull

Your Rights on Reserve (Atira Women’s Resource Society, 2014)

Ze Grande Finale