Igigle (Ground Based Icicle)

This free-standing finger of ice built up over the winter, from drips of condensation off of an exhaust duct, across from the McArthur River Camp LRC.   Shown on March 8, 2015.

Total height would be about 12’ or 4m, with the base hidden by snow.

The spurs on the sides show the wind direction and the relative wind speed over time.  (View is to North.  Left is to the West, Right is to the East.)

  1.  Most spurs are on the east side, and the wind comes more often from the west than from the east.
  2. The spurs would have developed due to increasing wind speed, steady wind speed, and declining wind speed.
  3. The central column would then have filled in beside the spurs, and grown past them.

Igigle is a newly minted word.  I was reminded of the difference between stalactites and stalagmites.  Feel free to use it, if you can figure out how to say it.  


The Lonesome Boatman (The Fureys)   …   A nod to the Irish, with appreciation.


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