Language Learning & Tutoring Resources Online

Advancing Cultural Diversity in Volunteer Management

American Association for Applied Linguistics 

American Speech – Language – Hearing Association (ASHA) 

American Translators Association 

ArabTerm Technical Dictionary:  Arabic-German-English-French

Bilingual Bambino (Deaf Sign Language)  

Bob Wilson’s autoenglish

British Association for Applied Linguistics 

CALPER (Pennsylvania State University) 

Canadian Association of Speech – Language Pathologists & Audiologists

CBC – ESL (Pilot Project, 2011)

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) 

Children of the Code  

Cree – English – French Dictionary (East Cree) 

Cree (Four Directions Institute) 

Cree Dictionary (Nehiyaw Masinahikan)

Cree Literacy Network 

DANA Foundation (Brain Information Gateway) 

Dene / Cree Elderspeak  

Dogrib Dictionary (UVic)

D-PLACE: A Global Database of Cultural, Linguistic and Environmental Diversity

English as She is Spoke  

English Language Teaching (Canadian Center of Science and Education) 

English Pronunciation Online (English – Spanish)  

English Spanish Translator Org  

ESL & GED (Lake Country Adult Learning Connection)

ESL and Applied Linguistics (Cambridge University Press)   

ESL and Literacy:  A Survey of the Literature (Centre for Literacy)

ESL Special Collection (National Institute for Literacy)  


Firefox Language Support 

First Nations Languages of British Columbia (UBC) 

First People’s Language Resources (People’s Paths)

Foreign Language Dictionaries & Translations (Humanitas International) 

GNU Operating System 

How Young Children Learn English as Another Language (Opal Dunn)  

Indigenous Language Institute

Instructional Models and Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners


Journal of Neuroscience 

Kato Lomb’s Strategies for Language Learning and SLA Theory (Scott Alkire)  

Language Anxiety and Learner Self-Management (Hauk & Hurd)  

Language Conferences Worldwide 

Language Geek  

Language Portal of Canada

Languages Canada  

Languages Commissioner of the N.W.T.   

Learning Paths (Luciano Mariani)

LINC 4 Classroom Activities (Canada) 

LINC Home Study (LEAD, Canada)


Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) 

Mandatory Language Testing (Canadian Bar Association) 

Moniyaw Linguist 

National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum (UK) 

National Asssociation of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators   

Native Languages of the Americas  

Native Village Language Library 

Omniglot:  Writing Systems & Languages of the World

On Language, Translation and Comparative Stylistics (Erudit) 

On Teaching Strategies in Second Language Acquisition (Yang Hong) 

Online Dictionary of Playground Slang (ODPS) 

PeaceWomen Translation Initiative

Phonetics and Phonology (Macquarie University)

Phraselator (Voxtec)

Places of Articulation Diagrams (Azus Notes) 

Please Call Stella:  The Speech Accent Archive

Poetry Translation Center 

Primary Languages (UK) 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (US) 

Reverso:  Translations, Grammar, Conjugations

RWTH Arabic – to – English Spoken Language Translation System (IEEE)

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre:  Our Languages

SEDL (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory)  

Six Key Strategies for Teachers of English-Language Learners  (UC Santa Cruz) 

Society for Neuroscience 

Summer Institute of Languages in Mexico

SWADESH List of Basic Vocabulary Words in Eight Languages    

Talking ‘Bout the Weather with American Sign Language (Fireese)   …   Babies can understand hand signs sooner than spoken words.  Babies also develop hand control before voice control.  So, babies can communicate with hands signs before they can speak orally.  (Show your kids how easy it is with this sing-along song.) 

Teaching English (British Council)    

TECNOPARLA (Speech to Speech:  Spanish, Catalan, English) 

TESL Canada Federation   

TESL-EJ (Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language) 

Text Size in Translation (W3C)

Translate Text on iGoogle 

TUN Institute of Learning (Burmese, English, and Pali)

Turtle Island Native Network 

Tutor Support (Hopelink) 

Ultraconserved words point to deep language ancestry across Eurasia

Virtual Linguistics Campus (VLC)   VLC YouTube Channel   VLC on Facebook  

Yinka Dene Language Institute (YDLI)



Mine Lingo, Slang, Dictionaries, & Guide Books

Dictionary of Slang (UK)

Dictionaries and Glossaries:  Language Portal of Canada

Glossary:  Cornish Mining World Heritage Site


Glossary of Terms (The Northern Miner)

How to Speak like a Gold Miner: Slang in the Yukon

Mindat:  Searchable Database and Glossary

Mining Glossary (Mineral Resource Analyst Group)

Slang Dictionary (John Camden Hotten)

U.C.L.A. Slang 2 (Pamela Munro, et al.)

Unspeakable English

Dictionary of American Sign Language Hand Symbols (Frost Sutton, 2013)

Dictionary of Chinese Symbols (Wolfram Eberhard)

Dictionary of Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Dictionary of Military Terms and Symbole (US, ADRP 1-02)

Dictionary of Symbols (J.E. Cirlot, 2001)

Dictionary of Symbols for Topographic Map Production (AU)


Rules of Unified English Braille (Simpson, 2013)

Signs and Symbols Their Design and Meaning (Adrian Frutiger)