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Track Jupiter’s Path Like An Ancient Babylonian   …   Ossendrijver has been doing a close study of the a few hundred cuneiform tablets that deal with the hardcore mathematics of Babylonian astronomy. They date from 400 B.C. to 50 B.C., and they’re filled with numbers and arithmetic — except for four mysterious tablets that are different.

Ossendrijver realized that the Babylonian astronomers were using the tools of geometry to deal with a very abstract concept — how the velocity of Jupiter changes over time.

…historians had thought this method was invented in 14th century Europe.


Bridging Math Course Outline 2022W Creighton

Math 10 Foundations Course Outline 2022W

Bridging Math (NROC) Notes W2021 PDF

Bridging Math (NROC) Notes 2021W

Bridging Math Course Outline 2021W Creighton

Bridging Math 2020F Creighton (Damian Boyle)

Circle of Learning SK 2016 Marked Up (Damian Boyle)

Bridging Math Notes 2020 Fall

Bridging Math Final Exam Creighton 2020F

Bridging Math Final Exam Creighton 2020F PDF

Quarantine Maths Class Disaster (Foil Arms and Hog, 4:18)





These are presented in no particular order of importance.  They have been selected with an emphasis on price / quality considerations.

Note:  My favourite Math Book for beginners or those who are very rusty is actually a 68 page booklet that is used for training Water & Wastewater Treatment & Distribution Operators.  Excellent presentation, and inexpensive. 

Water Treatment and Distribution Mathematics (Level 2)   (Published by the Water & Wastewater Training Centre of SIAST (Palliser Campus).  SIAST has now evolved to become the Saskatchewan PolyTech.  Contact:  Richard.Egroff at 


Shop Reference for Students & Apprentices (Industrial Press)
A very good resource for anyone working on learning mathematics. 

Mathematics for the Nonmathematician (Morris Kline) 

Kiselev’s Geometry / Book I. Planimetry (A. Kiselev, Adapted from Russian by Alexander Givental) 


CliffsNotes Math Review for Standardized Tests (Jerry Bobrow Ph.D.)

A-Plus Notes for Beginning Algebra: Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 (Rong Yang)  

A-Plus Notes for Algebra 2 (Rong Yang)

Algebra Survival Guide: A Conversational Guide for the Thoroughly Befuddled (Josh Rappaport, Sally Blakemore)

Algebra Survival Guide Workbook: Thousands of Problems to Sharpen Skills and Enhance Understanding (Josh Rappaport) 

Algebra (Israel M. GelfandAlexander Shen)

Trigonometry (I.M. Gelfand, Mark Saul)

Functions and Graphs (M. GelfandE. G. GlagolevaE. E. Shnol)

The Method of Coordinates (M. Gelfand  E. G. Glagoleva , A. A. Kirillov) 

Essential Calculus with Applications (Richard A. Silverman) 

Calculus Made Easy (Silvanus P. ThompsonMartin Gardner)

Mathematics and the Physical World (Morris Kline)

Basic Machines and How They Work (Naval Education And Training Program)

Mechanics (J. P. Den Hartog) 

Basic Electricity (Bureau of Naval Personnel) 

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers’ Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States (Liping Ma)   

The Works of Archimedes (Archimedes, Sir Thomas Heath) 

Mathematics and the Imagination (Edward Kasner, James Newman)

What Is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods (Richard Courant, Herbert Robbins, Ian Stewart) 

Introduction to Logic (Alfred Tarski) 

Elementary Number Theory: Second Edition (Underwood Dudley)

Number: The Language of Science (Tobias Dantzig)

Excursions in Geometry (C. Stanley Ogilvy)

Geometry Revisited (H. S. M. Coxeter, S. L. Greitzer. Mathematical Association of America, 1967.) 

Geometry and the Imagination (David Hilbert, S. Cohn-Vossen)

General Chemistry (Linus Pauling) 

Thermodynamics (Enrico Fermi)

Understanding Thermodynamics (H.C. Van Ness) 

The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction (Peter Atkins)

Atomic Physics: 8th Edition (Max Born)