Hand & Eye


Emblem 16 (p33), Emblematum Liber, by Andrea Alciati (1549)


States Epicharmus: “Never be credulous nor cease to be sober.” These are the sinews and members of the human mind. Behold the hand with an eye upon it; it only believes what it sees. Here is shown the mint, the herb symbolizing ancient sobriety. Brandishing this plant, Heraclitus pacified and soothed the maddened mob bursting into frenzied revolt.


Experiments, Projects, and Visuals 


500 Essential Graphic Novels: The Ultimate Guide

by Gene Kannenberg      Paperback: 528 pages

Publisher: Collins Design (August 5, 2008)

ISBN-10: 0061474517     ISBN-13: 978-0061474514


700 Science Experiments for Everyone

UNESCO    Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers 

ISBN-10: 0385052758     ISBN-13: 978-0385052757


1001 Do-It-Yourself Hints and Tips

Paperback:  352 pages

Publisher: Readers Digest (January 10, 2008)

ISBN-10: 0762109068     ISBN-13: 978-0762109067


Aboriginal Plant Use In Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest

By Robin J. Marles, et al.     Paperback:  368 pages

Publisher: Canadian Forest Services – Edmonton; New edition

ISBN-10: 0774807385     ISBN-13: 978-0774807388


Amazing Insects: Images of Fascinating Creatures

By David B. Obe and Michael Chinery

Paperback:  288 pages

Publisher: Firefly Books (Nov 22 2007)

ISBN-10: 1554073529     ISBN-13: 978-1554073528


Atlas of Saskatchewan
Ka-iu Fung

University of Saskatchewan.  PrintWest.  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

ISBN 0-88880-387-7      1999.


Atlas of the World: 15th Edition with free wall map

Oxford Editors    Hardcover:  448 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; 15 edition (October 15, 2008)

ISBN-10: 0195374517     ISBN-13: 978-0195374513


Amateur Naturalist

By Gerald Durrell and Lee Durrell    Paperback:  320 pages

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

ISBN-10: 0863188702     ISBN-13: 978-0863188701


The Best of MAKE

Edited by Mark Frauenfelder
October 2007   Pages: 384

Published by O’Reilly Media

ISBN 10: 0-596-51428-X      ISBN 13: 9780596514280


The Best of Instructables Volume I

Paperback:  336 pages   

Publisher: Make Books; 1 edition (October 22, 2008)

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Backyard Ballistics

By Willim Gurstelle      Paperback:  274 pages

Publisher: Chicago Review Press (June 1, 2001)

ISBN-10: 1556523750     ISBN-13: 978-1556523755


Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America

By Edwin Tappan Adney and Howard I. Chappelle   

Paperback:  276 pages

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (September 2007)

ISBN-10: 1602390711     ISBN-13: 978-1602390713


Basic Machines and How They Work

Naval Education and Training Program        Paperback:  161 pages

Publisher: Dover Publications     (January 1, 1997)

ISBN-10: 0486217094     ISBN-13: 978-0486217093


The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

By Todd Downs    Paperback:  384 pages

Publisher: Rodale Books; 5 Rev Exp edition (February 24, 2005)

ISBN-10: 1579548830     ISBN-13: 978-1579548834


Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song

By Les Beletsky

Hardcover:  368 pages, with attached digital song player.

Publisher: Chronicle Books (September 21, 2006)

ISBN-10: 1932855416    ISBN-13: 978-1932855418


Body Worlds:  The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

By Gunther von Hagens    Paperback:  319 pages

Publisher: Arts & Sciences (2005)

ISBN-10: 3937256040     ISBN-13: 978-3937256047


Bows & Arrows of the Native Americans

By Jim Hamm    Paperback:  160 pages

Publisher: The Lyons Press; 1st edition (August 1, 2007)

ISBN-10: 1599210835     ISBN-13: 978-1599210834


Canadian Oxford World Atlas

By Quenin H. Stanford (Editor)      Hardcover:  232 pages

Publisher: OUP Canada; 6th edition (July 2008)

ISBN-10: 0195429281     ISBN-13: 978-0195429282


Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

1 800 668-2642      Fax: 1 800 245-9274

Paperback:   422 pages

ISBN-10: 0660195356     ISBN-13: 978-0660195353


Chemical History of a Candle

By Michael Faraday (1860)




A Child Is Born

By Lennart Nilsson    Paperback:  240 pages

Publisher: Delta; 4 Rev Upd edition (October 5, 2004)

ISBN-10: 0385337558      ISBN-13: 978-0385337557


Clouds in a Glass of Beer: Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics

Craig F. Bohren      Paperback:  216 pages

Publisher: Dover Publications (July 10, 2001)

ISBN-10: 0486417387    ISBN-13: 978-0486417387


Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

By Family Handyman Magazine Editors    Hardcover:  528 pages

Publisher: Readers Digest; Rev Upd edition (March 7, 2005)

ISBN-10: 0762105798     ISBN-13: 978-0762105793


Culinary Herbs (2nd Edition)

By Ernest Small      Hardcover:  1036 Pages

National Research Council of Canada, 2006
ISBN-13 9780660190730 


Design of Comparative Experiments

By Rosemary A. Bailey     Hardcover:  348 pages

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (June 8, 2008) 

ISBN-10: 0521865069     ISBN-13: 978-0521865067


The Dissection of Vertebrates: A Laboratory Manual

By Gerry DeIuliis and Dino Pulera

Paperback:  304 pages

Publisher: Academic Press; 1 edition (September 19, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0120887762     ISBN-13: 978-0120887767


Divine Proportion: Phi In Art, Nature, and Science

By Priva Hemenway      Hardcover: 208 pages

Publisher: Sterling (October 20, 2005)

ISBN-10: 1402735227     ISBN-13: 978-1402735226



By James F. Luhr    Paperback:  520 pages

Publisher: DK ADULT (September 17, 2007)

ISBN-10: 075663332X     ISBN-13: 978-0756633325


Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments

By Alex Boese    Paperback:  304 pages

Publisher: Harvest Books; 1 edition (November 5, 2007)

ISBN-10: 0156031353     ISBN-13: 978-0156031356


Excel Scientific and Engineering Cookbook 

By David M. Bourg
January 2006    Pages:  442

Published by O’Reilly Media
ISBN 10: 0-596-00879-1      ISBN 13: 9780596008796


Field Guide to Insects and Spiders & Related Species of North America

By Craig Tufts and Arthur V. Evans    Paperback:  496 pages

Publisher: Sterling (May 31 2007)

ISBN-10: 1402741537     ISBN-13: 978-1402741531


A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians

By Robert C. Stebbins      Paperback:  560 pages

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; 1 edition (March 27, 2003)

ISBN-10: 0395982723     ISBN-13: 978-0395982723


Foundations and Concrete Work

By Fine Home Building Editors    Paperback:  288 pages

Publisher: Taunton; Revised, Updated ed. edition (February 5, 2008)

ISBN-10: 156158990X     ISBN-13: 978-1561589906


The Foxfire Book: Hog Dressing, Log Cabin Building, Mountain Crafts

and Foods, Planting by the Signs, Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith

Healing, Moonshining

By Elliot Wiggington (Editor)    Paperback:  384 pages

Publisher: Anchor (February 17, 1972)

ISBN-10: 0385073534     ISBN-13: 978-0385073530


Guide to Weather Forecasting

By Storm Dunlop    Paperback:  176 pages      

Publisher: Philip’s (21 Jan 2008)                           

ISBN-10: 0540090263             ISBN-13: 978-0540090266


Handbook of Model Rocketry, 7th Edition (NAR Official Handbook)

By G. Harry Stine and Bill Stine    Paperback:  384 pages

Publisher: Wiley; 7th edition (April 22, 2004)

ISBN-10: 0471472425     ISBN-13: 978-0471472421


How to Make a Telescope

Jean Texereau    Hardcover:  424 pages

Publisher: Willmann-Bell; 2 Sub edition (May 1, 1984)

ISBN-10: 0943396042     ISBN-13: 978-0943396040


Human Wildlife: The Life That Lives on Us

By Robert Buckman     Paperback:  208 pages

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press (February 2003)

ISBN-10: 0801874076     ISBN-13: 978-0801874079


Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

By Robert Bruce Thompson

April, 2008      Paperback:  432 Pages

Published by O’Reilly Media

ISBN 10: 0-596-51492-1     ISBN 13: 9780596514921


Jane’s Tank Recognition Guide

By Christopher F. Foss    Paperback:  495 pages

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers; 4 edition (April 4, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0007183267     ISBN-13: 978-0007183265


Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration

By Bert Holldobler and Edward O. Wilson

Paperback:  304 pages

Publisher: Belknap Press; 1 edition (Jul 21 1998)

ISBN-10: 0674485262     ISBN-13: 978-0674485266


Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America

By Nick Kaufman,  Rick Bowers and Nora Bowers

Paperback:  352 pages

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; 12 edition (August 31, 2007)

ISBN-10: 0618951881     ISBN-13: 978-0618951888


Life at Small Scale:  The Behavior of Microbes

By David B. Dusenbery      Hardcover:  214 pages

Publisher: W H Freeman & Co (Sep 30 1996)

ISBN-10: 0716750600     ISBN-13: 978-0716750604


Maran Illustrated Effortless Algebra

(Alistair Savage)    Paperback:  304 pages   

Publisher: Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (July 8, 2005)

ISBN-10: 1592009425     ISBN-13: 978-1592009428


Musical Instrument Design

By Bart Hopkin    Paperback:  181 pages

Publisher: See Sharp Press (January 1, 1996)

ISBN-10: 1884365086     ISBN-13: 978-1884365089


National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Birds of North America

By Edward S. Brinkley      Paperback:  528 pages

Publisher: Sterling (May 3, 2007)

ISBN-10: 1402738749     ISBN-13: 978-1402738746


Northern Bushcraft

By Mors Kochansky    Paperback:  304 pages

Publisher: Lone Pine Pub; 2nd edition (June 1989)

ISBN-10: 0919433510     ISBN-13: 978-0919433519


On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

Harold McGee       Hardcover:  896 pages

Publisher: Scribner; Rev Upd edition (November 16, 2004)

ISBN-10: 0684800012     ISBN-13: 978-0684800011


The Practical Archaeologist: How We Know What We Know About the Past

By Jane McIntosh    Hardcover:  186 pages

Publisher: Facts on File; 2 Sub edition (August 1999)

ISBN-10: 081603950X     ISBN-13: 978-0816039500


Penguin Atlas of World History, Volume 1:  From Prehistory to the Eve of the French Revolution

By Herman Kinder and Werner Hilgemann    Paperback:  304 pages

Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics); Revised edition (May 25, 2004)

ISBN-10: 0141012633     ISBN-13: 978-0141012636


Penguin Atlas of World History, Volume 2:  French Revolution to Present

By Herman Kindler and Werner Hilgemann     Paperback:  368 pages.

Publisher:  Penguin, December 2003.

ISBN 9780141012629


Pond Life

By George K. Reid           Paperback:  160 pages

Publisher: Golden Guides from St. Martin’s Press

ISBN-10: 1582381305     ISBN-13: 978-1582381305


Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland

By Andy MacKinnon, Derek Johnson, and Linda J. Kershaw

Paperback:  392 pages

Publisher: Lone Pine Publishing

ISBN-10: 1551050587     ISBN-13: 978-1551050584


Rubber Geometry  (Topology)



Small Gas Engine Repair

By Paul K. Dempsey        Paperback:  226 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 3 edition (April 17, 2008)

ISBN-10: 007149667X     ISBN-13: 978-0071496674


Stonehenge Decoded

Gerald S. Hawkins      Hardcover:  210 pages

Publisher: Hippocrene Books (November 1988)

ISBN-10: 0880291478     ISBN-13: 978-0880291477


The Story of Rats: Their Impact on Us, and Our Impact on Them

S. Anthony Barnett      Paperback:  216 pages

Publisher: Allen & Unwin (April 1, 2002)

ISBN-10: 1865085197     ISBN-13: 978-1865085197


Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web

By Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis    Hardcover:  196 pages

Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated (July 15, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0881927775     ISBN-13: 978-0881927771


What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?   More Experiments in Atmospheric Physics

Craig F. Bohren    Paperback:  208 pages

Publisher: Dover Publications    (November 17, 2006)

ISBN-10: 0486453367     ISBN-13: 978-0486453361


Wildflowers across the Prairies

By Vance Fenton      Paperback:  384 pages

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre; 3rd edition (Mar 1 1999)

ISBN-10: 1550547038      ISBN-13: 978-1550547030