Bears & Doorbells

After a long winter of inactivity, it is time to get outside and start roaming about – as every hungry bear well knows.

By the way, do you know how to tell the difference between Black Bear scat and Grizzly Bear scat?  If not, please review this information:

If you found that of interest, please read on.



The Largest Known Bear, Arctotherium angustidens, from the Early Pleistocene [about 1 – 2 million years ago] Pampean Region of Argentina: With a Discussion of Size and Diet Trends in Bears 

The fossil bears, the other giants.

  • …an estimated body mass between 983-2042 kg (mean 1588 kg and median 1749).  This makes this individual not only the largest known bear but also the most powerful land carnivore of the Pleistocene. 
  • The record of the most robust individual, among the current species, corresponds to a male of  maritimus, hunted in 1960 in northwestern Alaska, whose mass was 1002 kg. 

Kodiak Bear Fact Sheet

  • Kodiak bears are a unique subspecies of the brown or grizzly bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi). They live exclusively on the islands in the Kodiak Archipelago and have been isolated from other bears for about 12,000 years.
  • Kodiak bears are the largest bears in the world.
  • Researchers from NASA and the medical professions are very interested in denning physiology. They are trying to figure out how bears can sleep for up to 8 months without eating, drinking, urinating or defecating, yet when they awaken they have lost little bone mass or muscle tone and have no signs of uremia. Understanding this could help astronauts during extended space flights or patients who are bedridden.

Bear Research – The Wildlife Research Institute

Brooks Falls Brown Bears:  Live Cams and Archives   The cameras are streaming 24/7 … and are in multiple locations….


Grizzly Bear Distribution NA Historical


Recovery Strategy for the Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos), Prairie Population, in Canada

Bears in the Mountain National Parks   …   Today, the prairie population of grizzly bears is locally extinct (extirpated) in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It was extinguished through human intolerance, market hunting, rapid conversion of habitat to agricultural fields, and loss of key prey (buffalo).

COSEWIC assessment and status report on the Grizzly Bear Ursus arctos in Canada

Where Now Grizzly Bear? | Brian Payton, Hakai Magazine

The Grizzly Guru:  Tim Manley

Living with Bears (Linda Masterson)   …   Steve Herrero is the world’s leading expert on bear attacks.  According to his most recent calculations, there are approximately 900,000 black bears in North America.  Every year people have millions of interactions with black bears.  Yet between 1900 and the summer of 2005 records reveal just fifty-seven people in North America were killed by black bears. (p.212)

Grizzly bear fatally mauls backcountry guide near Yellowstone Park (April, 2021)

Brown bear attacks on humans: a worldwide perspective (2019)

Brown bears ‘switch habitats’ to hunt vulnerable prey

Bears are bigger killers than thought, gruesome video footage reveals


Grizzly Bear Haida Art Bill Reid

Xhuwaji, Haida Grizzly Bear, by Iljuwas (Bill Reid)


Bear encounters up 14 per cent in Saskatchewan

Mother brown bears protect cubs with human shields   …   When the researchers examined where the successful mothers lived during the mating season, they found that they stayed close to human settlements, at a median distance of 783 meters….

Pedals, the Walking Bear (a.k.a. Bigfoot)   …   The male American black bear, whose injured front legs prevent him from walking on all fours, has been spotted again….

Living in Bear Country    …   Cook at least 100 feet (30m) away from camp, downwind. Do not cook near your camp, cook smelly foods, sleep in clothes with food odors, or bring any food or lotions into your tent.

Buddy Bears are a series of painted, life-size fibreglass bear sculptures originally developed in Berlin, Germany. …  …The United Buddy Bears … are primarily about their message – a message of peace, international understanding and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world.

God’s Own Drunk (Lord Buckley, 6:16)  …   A chance encounter with Buddy Bear.

The Bear (Galway Kinnell, 1927 – 2014)   …   On hunting the great bear, the old way.

2021 Saskatchewan Spring Black Bear Hunting Supplement  …   “Killing a bear for sport isn’t a crime — it’s a sin.”

Why Amazing Discoveries About Bear Hibernation May Help Improve Human Health

Remember, Folks:

When picking berries, always leave plenty for the bears – so’s they don’t be feeling real hungry and ornery when they find your sorry carcass standing in the middle of their stripped clean berry patch.