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Many surveys, about one in five, may contain fraudulent data   …   Among 1008 surveys, their test flagged 17% as likely to contain a significant portion of fabricated data. For surveys conducted in wealthy westernized nations, that figure drops to 5%, whereas for those done in the developing world it shoots up to 26%.

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6,730,364,245 and Counting 

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Prediction 2016   …in 11 of 12 elections between 1884 and 1940 when bettors had identified a clear favourite by mid-October they were vindicated, despite operating in an era without any reliable polling. Newspapers diligently reported presidential betting odds: according to Paul Rhode and Koleman Strumpf, the economists who unearthed the records of these markets, the press published prices five days a week in the month before an election.



Slaughterhouse (Revisited) (Little Miss Higgins)