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Ó Dochartaigh, Niall (2012) Internet Research Skills, 3rd Edition. London: Sage. 

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Start with a Topic and combine this with one or more of these Key Terms.  Substitute Key Terms to find different perspectives.  Generally speaking, half a dozen combinations of Topic + Key Terms will suffice.,, .ac, .edu, .gov, .pdf, .ppt, Abstract, Annotated, Annual, Archive, Article, Association, Bibliography, Catalogue, Chart, Citation, Clearing House, Collection, Comparison, Concise, Critique, Data, Database, Debate, Diagram, Directory, Forum, Graph, Guide, Handbook, History, Index, Institute, International, List, Manuscript, Non-profit, Open, Portal, Proceedings, Record, Reference, Repository, Research, Resource, Review, Society, Statistic, Summary , Survey, Syllabus, Table, Text


Resources & Examples

Abduction, Deduction and Induction in Qualitative Research (Jo Reichertz)

American Association for Public Opinion Research

American Community Survey Research and Evaluation report (Cornell U)

Assessment of organisational culture (Reiman & Oedewald)

Case-Control Studies (Tobias Gerhard)

China sees dip in research-grant misconduct

Comparative effectiveness of technology-enhanced simulation

Conducting Surveys (Auditor General of Canada)

Cross-Cultural Survey Guidelines (CCSG)

Current Population Survey Methodology (US Census)

Decomposition Methods in Economics (Fortin, Lemieux, & Firpo)

Design & Emotion:  The Kansei Engineering Methodology (Lokman)

Designing Household Survey Samples (UN)

Designing Surveys (World Bank)

Do’s and Don’ts of Questionnaire Design

Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology

Encyclopedia of Research Design

Evaluation Handbook (W.K. Kellogg Foundation)

Financial and Economic Research Methods (Harrison & Herbohn)

Fundamentals of Survey Research Methodology (Glasgow)

Global surveys or multi-national surveys? On sampling for global surveys (Katz)

Good Practices in Survey Design Step-by-Step (OECD)

Program on Survey Research (Harvard)

Index of /ebooks/Research Methods

Information Collection Tools:  Advantages and Disadvantages

Information Research and Analysis (IRA) Lab

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Introduction to Effective Survey Design and Administration (Johnson)

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methodology Training Manual

National Council on Public Polls (NCPP)

Online Survey Design Guide (U Maryland) 

Optimizing Survey Questionnnaire Design in Political Science (Pasek & Krosnick)

Overview of Qualitative Methods  and Analytic Techniques

Pew Research Center

Performance Audit Manual (Auditor General of Canada)

Practitioner’s Guide to Perception Surveys

Pyramid Principle (Minto)

Quality Assessment of the 5th European Working Conditions Survey

Questions and Answers in Surveys

Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys

Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory (QDRL)

Research Skills (Glasgow Caledonian U)

Questionnaire Design for Survey Research:  Employing Weighting Method (Sato)

Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory (QDRL)

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)

Research Connections:  Child Care & Early Education

Research Process Steps (Baltimore County Public Schools)

Research Questions Guiding Selection of an Appropriate Research Method (Jarvinen)

Roper Center:  Public Opinion Archives

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods (Given)

Statistics Canada

Sensitive Questions in Surveys (Tourangeau & Yan)

Social Science Data Archive (UCLA)

Survey Methods in Technology and Physical Sciences (Cambridge U)

Survey Research Methods (ESRA)

Tracing the Steps of Survey Design (MaGee, Rickards, Byars & Artino)

UK Data Service

User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations (Frechtling & Sharp) 

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False (Ioannidis)

Why Policymakers Should Ignore Public Opinion Polls (Weissberg)