Workplace Educator at McArthur River Uranium Mine Site

  • Ten years delivering learning support and training services to about 1000 mine site workers annually, in alignment with: HR Training & Development, Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality. Distributed learning resources to thousands more.
  • Developed wide ranging relationships through participation in Safety meetings, WHMIS training delivery, Occupational Health Committee training, site tours, and assistance with preparing for regulated certification exams.
  • Contributed to Team Building and Leadership development, and to Trainer and Presenter development, both formally and informally.
  • Researched best practices and shared findings for service delivery improvements, and promoted a culture of learning and innovation.
  • Championed the use of plain language and pertinent graphical content in all documents to maximize safety and productivity through effective communications.

Training and Development Officer

  • Six years delivering job skills and safety training in a light industrial and construction environment, and supervising Trainees to ensure productivity and OHS compliance. Trainees typically had multiple barriers to employment, and few plans.  Trained and guided Trainees during the flow of the hands-on work.  Liaised routinely with community partners, agencies, and businesses.

Carpenter & Building Maintenance Factotum

  • Delivered or arranged for trades services to about 300 structures, serving a forest area of about 50,000 square kilometers, including: fire look-out towers, air tanker bases, fire crew camps, warehouses, offices, staff housing, and water treatment plants. 

Oilfield Roughneck & Mud Logger

  • Roughneck: drilling rig platform work on shallow oil and gas wells.  Mud Logger:  collected data about formations and hydrocarbons by using hydrogen flame chromatography, tritium tracing, microscopic sample examination, and various drilling fluid measurements, and then generated maps of geology and findings.

Adult Basic Education  /  Career & Life Management Skills Training

  • Instruction in all subjects, from Literacy through GED 12. Coached effective problem solving skills for personal and career development.  Developed learning resources and contributed to overall program and organizational development.  

Social Services Trustee & Budget Counselor

  • Financial management for a caseload of about eighty clients, most of whom were active substance abusers. Liaised extensively with landlords, utility companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, medical services, police, legal aid, and numerous government and non-government agencies. 

Nursing Aide

  • Attended to chronic care patients (Level IV) in hospitals and nursing homes, with afflictions ranging from birth abnormalities, degenerative diseases, traumatic injuries, and psychosis. Assisted nurses with procedures, recorded patient information, and discussed patient progress with nursing teams routinely.

Volunteer Experiences