Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design  and Children: Five Degrees of Happiness: Effective Sm

Instructor Rating Survey

1. Was your Instructor well prepared for daily course presentations?
2. Did you find your Instructor’s presentations interesting and helpful?
3. Did you feel welcome to ask questions or share information at any time?
4. Was your Instructor accommodating of your personal needs and interests?
5. Did your Instructor make it easy for you to participate in your courses?
6. Did your Instructor make it easy for you to be successful with learning tasks?
7. Was your Instructor fair in judging the quality and quantity of your work?
8. Did your Instructor set a good example as a Learner, a Worker, and a Citizen?
9. Would you recommend this Instructor to a friend or family member?
10. Overall, how would you rate this Instructor compared with others you have encountered?



Self Assessment of Performance 2022W

Self Assessment of Performance 2021F

Is a standardized test or measurement really any better than the considered opinions of your community, and your own self awareness?




A Crisis in Higher Education:  Student Evaluations and Falling Standards

All You Need to Know About Color Deficiency (Archimedes Laboratory)     

A-Z Index of Directorate for Education Work (OECD) 

Adult Skills Assessment in Europe 

Assessment for Learning Unit (SK) 

Assessment for RPL in TVET in Australia (2006)

Balanced Assessments for Mathematics

Canadian Association for Learning Assessments / Recognition for Learning 

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials 

Canadian Institute for Recognizing Learning

Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRLL)

Credit Where Credit’s Due (Manipal City & Guilds)

Develop Competency-Based Assessment Plans      Singapore Workforce Development Agency – Quality Assurance Division

Developing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (Ireland, 2011)

Differentiated Instruction

Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles Inventories 

Dyscalculia Primer and Resource Guide

European Inventory on Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning (2010)

Evaluating Training Programs: Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels

Explore Your Memory

Fitness Testing

Five Degrees of Happiness: Effective Smiley Face Likert Scales for Evaluating with Children

Glossary of Assessment Terms

Hand-Eye Coordination Test for Kids & Astronauts 

Hare Psychopathy Checklist 

Hearing Screening and Testing

HR Tests:  Recruitment, Assessment, and Personnel Selection

HR Toolkit 

Inventory of Higher Education Assessment Instruments

Inventory of Human Factors, Tools, and Methods

International Assessment of Adult Competencies (OECD)    

International Association for the Assessment of Educational Achievement

Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (Self Assessment)

Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (Tech Specs)

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Learning Disabilities & Learning Styles

Learning Styles Questionnaire  

Mental Status Examination

Multiple Intelligence Inventory

Management Standards for Work Related Stress

Mental Measurements Yearbook Indexes      

My Favorite Pain Scale!

National RPL Conference ( Botswana, 2011)

National Strategy for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  (South Africa, 2013)

Needs Assessments for Metis Communities

Needs Assessment Training   

Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (CMEC)

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index 

Principles of Pain Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) Manual (Manitoba, 2006)

Prior Learning International Research Centre (TRU)

Psychosomatic Medicine Database

Recognizing Prior Learning (Saskatchewan) 

Revisiting the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) (Dianne Conrad, AU, 2008)

Systems Approach for Better Education Results (SABER, World Bank)

Stress Index (CMHA)

Stroke Assessment

Teaching Tips Index

Training Evaluation Model

Training Organization Self-assessment tool (Australian Skills Quality Authority)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics    

Why Companies Are So Interested in Your Myers-Briggs Type


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