Stalin and Comrade


40 Important Lectures for Journalism Students

“The Hitherto Impossible in Photography is Our Specialty”

Aerial Photography

Archaeological Institute of America

Art Appreciation (James Brantley)

Building and Calibrating a Mechanical Stroboscope 

Cameras Get Cleverer

Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Citizen Journalism Websites

Create Your Own 3D Images

Design and Composition (Jim Saw)

Digital Media Ethics

Digital Story Telling

Drawing With Light (Pablo Picasso)

Faking UFO Photos for the Twenty-First Century

Fine – Art Photography

First Ever Analemma

George Eastman House Discovery Kits

Intelligent Life

International Atomic Energy Agency

International Debate Education Association

International Visual Literacy Association

Judicial Photography, 1850 – 1890 

Knight Community News Network

Language of Art

Learning Styles:  An Overview

Making Photographic Records Under Sterile Conditions 

Managing Photographic Records 

Milestones in Photography

National Cowboy Museum

National Press Photographers Association 

News in Pictures (Phil Coomes)

No Credible Photographic Interest

Online University of Photography 

Oral History Projects

Panoramic Photographs

Photographs Can Lie (The Commissar Vanishes) 

Photo Philanthropy

Photographic Society of America

Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Repeat Photography: Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences

Saskatchewan Archives Board

Seeing in 3-D Stereo

Stop Motion Photography (Harold Edgerton)

Storyrobe App 

Surveillance Studies Centre

Therapeutic Photography

Time Magazine Photos

UNICEF Photo Essays

Visual Literacy

Visual Thinking Strategies



The image above was taken with a relatively inexpensive digital camera, and manipulated in MS Word to achieve colour shifts.  The central object is a boulder that was ripped out of the ground, bound in the roots of a tree that fell over.  The area is a drumlin, with a significant percentage of sand and unconsolidated rocks, with about 5mm – 10mm of soil development at the surface and no apparent clay below.

And, for the benefit of your ears:

Watching, Wishing, Waiting (Rich Aucoin)