Magnifying Glasses and Microscopes can allow us to see details in the world around us that are otherwise invisible.  Kids will happily spend hours outdoors looking at bugs and plants if they are given a simple magnifying glass — all summer long. 

If you decide to purchase a Magnifying Glass or a Microscope, remember: 

·        Looking through a poor quality lens is tiring.

·        Higher power limits the field of view.

·        Higher power magnifies any distortions.

·        Optical coatings help a lot. 

·        Achromatic (Good control of colour distortion.)

·        Apochromatic (Best control of colour distortion.)

·        Aspherical (Minimal shape distortion.)

For best price/performance, I like a 7X Hastings Triplet Hand Loupe.  It fits in any pocket, and provides an easy view in use.  (It makes a great gift, too.)

May, 2016:  I recently acquired an Omax Stereo Microscope, 10x/30x with Dual LED, for $310 delivered, taxes in.  Surprisingly good quality for the price. Image is sharp right to the edge. Colour is good, but not as vivid as my old Zeiss, which was optically incredible. At 1/10 or less than the price of any Zeiss, and for as much as I will use it, this is still outstanding performance. Compared with Birding Binoculars in a comparable price range, this is notably superior performance optically. I chose the relatively low fixed magnification rather than a zoom on the principles of optical performance: Magnification X Complexity X Distortion = Magnified Complex Distortions. However, given the quality here I am wondering if the 6.7x-45x zoom would perform comparably. If so, I would have been willing to pay the higher price for that (just slightly over double the price of this). That said, the dual LED system was persuasive for my decision making, and I am well pleased with the performance of these lights also. Shipping through Amazon was prompt and arrived unmarked from transit. Colour me: Very Satisfied.

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And, for the benefit of your ears:

Hold On to Yourself (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)