Workplace Education

The Workplace Education Program was operated by Northlands College in partnership with Cameco Corporation, to satisfy agreements with the Government of Saskatchewan (Surface Lease Agreement, and Human Resource Development Agreement), beginning around 2002 at the Rabbit Lake site.

The WEP provided a Workplace Educator and a Learning Resource Centre at the McArthur River Mine Site until December of 2016.    Similar programs were operated at Key Lake until 2010, and at Rabbit Lake until 2015.  Closures were due to financial constraints at the sites.

The notes following refer to the McArthur River site activity as of the start of 2016.

Approximately 1000 people fly in to McArthur River each month and are housed in a camp.  A small number of workers drive in, with equipment and supplies.  About 60% of the workers are residents of northern Saskatchewan, with others coming from elsewhere in the province or from as far away as the east coast and west coast of Canada, and from other countries. 

The site is an isolated, temporary, closed community, populated only by working adults, operating 24/365.  Recreational opportunities include:  music, archery, walking, fishing, gymnasium activities, weights and cardio equipment, saunas, bingo, card games, billiards, darts, learning, and high quality BS.   

A wealth of knowledge and experience exists at this site.  Anyone with an interest can learn virtually anything here.

The Workplace Education Program facilitates learning by providing direction to resources such as distance education courses and volunteer tutors on site, as well as providing direct instruction, learning assessments, and counseling. 

Learners request assistance with everything from developing literacy skills, to interpersonal relations, to finding graduate school programs, and everything in between.

This program is constantly evolving, in response to changing requests and new information about how to best deliver services in this circumstance, and as new technology materializes — such as smartphones.     

WEP Development and Delivery Examples Document


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  1. Janice Says:

    Divided Time

    Here we go again, I feel I have lost touch.
    To go from longing and lust, wanting you so much

    I think that time apart is not good for the heart.
    I want to turn back the clock, be at the start.

    But only time will tell, to see if all is well.
    Feast my eyes upon you, feel if passion swells.

    Will loves tentacles reach out, make me want to shout.
    I do not care, only the here and now I want to share.

    With you, my remaining years, put a cork in these fears.
    To love you and lose you, I’ll feel all the pain

    I need to trust and hope you feel the same.


    I work at McArthur River. I have worked here 12 Years. To the coworkers that have long term relationships and have been able to keep it togeather, Kudos. I have never been able to keep a relationship with our work schedule.

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